Hanging With Rock Stars at Coastal Community

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with two great companies, Brenric Construction and Coastal Community Credit Union, the result being a commercial shoot of the new credit union branch on Fort Street in Victoria. This project got me excited for a few reasons:

  1. Brenric is a local Victoria company founded in 1983 – a family run business. Within the past couple of years, Jeff Mitchelmore, a son of the founders, has moved into the role as head of operations and strategy. What I appreciate about Jeff’s approach is, that as the new ‘face’ of the company, he has a vision to bring change while respecting the history and credibility of the family business. Part of that change is to document current projects with good quality imagery, and I was thrilled to create some of the visual content. With fresh eyes looking at an established industry, Jeff’s positivity and experience will, no doubt, take the company to new heights.
  2. Fact: Jeff is a total rock star. He and his band, Gold & Youth, are in the midst of cutting their new record as we speak. Extra points here, for sure. Check them out on Spotify and itunes or watch some of their videos here.
  3. I am a huge fan of Coastal Community Credit Union. I tell people about them all the time. It’s a bit odd, really. Believe me, I know what you’re thinking… it’s a bank. What’s all the fuss? Despite the cash big banks throw at ad campaigns to lure us into doing business with them, the experience tends to be lackluster at best. If only they’d take that money and spend it on training their staff to be more like Coastal Community employees. As a mortgage lender, this bank has gone above and beyond for my family. If you are waffling about your own institution, go talk to CCCU.
  4. Fact: Karl McLellan is a total rock star. Maybe not the same way Jeff is a rock star, but a rock star nevertheless. Karl is the bank manager, or ‘agency manager,’ as they like to say at Coastal Community. I’m not sure about you but my hunch is that most people who hold Karl’s title wouldn’t take personal time on a Saturday, allowing us to pull off the shoot, sans customers. I did mention it was a Saturday… and the bank was closed. Rock star. Not only did he show up early with a smile, he helped me clean and stage the entire space, which I truly appreciated.
  5. The space itself: great design, flawless construction, excellent use of colour and symmetry – a pleasure to shoot. Hopefully, we’ll see more Brenric projects in the future with similar aesthetics.

What made this shoot memorable for me, beyond the architecturally dynamic setting, were the people I met in the process. It’s not every day you get to hang with rock stars.

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